Depending upon the type of messaging impact desired, customers may choose LCD or Plasma Flat Panel displays (FPDs), in wide-screen or traditional sizes, and horizontal or vertical orientations.  A.R.T. also utilizes lightbox and LCD projector applications as needed.  Since the introduction of plasma and LCD technologies, we have installed a multitude of different types into various public locations to the extent that we now only use specific brand displays.  Believe our installers when they say, value is relevant.  Cheap, untested displays do not hold up to the rigors of digital signage and as such, A.R.T. provides consultancy services to configure project needs and provide ideal and proven signage solutions.
In certain situations, gas plasma displays are ideally suited for advertising and messaging displays.  The flat screen and thin profile take up little space and can be integrated into preexisting foundations/walls with ease.  Available in a variety of sizes from 30" to 61", in traditional or wide-screen orientations, A.R.T. sells and services plasma displays and specializes in large quantity orders (working directly with the manufacturers allows us to pass savings directly on to our customers, plus it saves on storage, shipping, distribution, and insurance costs).
In certain situations, LCD flat panel displays provide excellent signage vehicles due to their size and relative affordability (compared to plasma displays).  The thin profile and lightweight characteristics of these displays allow for creative installations and they can essentially replace neon lights for internal/external store signage.  LCDs are available in a variety of sizes from 6" to 23" (diagonal).
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The GlassVu and TransVu products have the unique ability to display high quality images to help you deliver your message the right way every time. Lightweight and durable, these products are ideal for retail, trade shows, architectural design, museums, and any other application where the attention of your audience is paramount.
Lightbox, Videowall & Projection
Lightbox, Videowall & Projection
A.R.T. is an authorized reseller and service center for Clarity Visual® products including their large scale, high resolution displays and video walls.  When a plasma is too small for your application, look to A.R.T. for best practice solutions utilizing these highly-noticeable displays.
Environmental Enclosures
Environmental Enclosures
A.R.T. offers a variety of environmental enclosures for any size plasma or LCD display with options ranging from color, material types (metal, wood, Plexiglas), heating/cooling elements, and mounting options. 
A.R.T. offers several distinctive and durable plasma display stands for corporate boardrooms, mobile presentations, and/or educational uses.
Most digital signage projects require a mount to adhere the plasma or LCD to the display backing (differs per plasma/LCD make/model, usually under $250.00 USD).  Other applications include ceiling or window mounts.
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