POPdart(TM) Gaming Module

Interactivity, Gaming, & Marketing Data Acquisition
POPdart Game Module
Our custom programming produces some amazing results when it comes to innovative marketing solutions. One of our recent projects came from a client request to produce an interactive vehicle that could stand alone in a bar or lounge. Our solution included an attraction loop, "slot-type" gaming application, and a video featuring prizes that could be won.
POPdart in Action
Using our POPdart(tm) touch screen display with built-in Windows® XP Pro (available in 15" or 18" screen sizes and less than 4" deep), we created a "slots" game where players could win trips to various desirable locations. While we cannot share the final product details due to non-disclosure agreements, we can share the prototype using our stylized "Bintje Vodka" brand.
To attract players, we displayed an attraction loop requesting viewers to touch the screen for more information. Once the viewer engaged the POPdart(tm), they had the option to review a video of the prize options, obtain additional contact information, or continue to play the game (thereby entering the contest). Essentially, if a player won a trip, users would be instructed to either enter in their telephone number for direct one-on-one marketing contact or be instructed to call a toll-free contest line to request their prize (utilizing the coded password supplied by our gaming tool). The POPdart(tm) would store the user information and automatically download it to the hosting client (via LAN or wireless connectivity) for processing and additional marketing analysis.

User results were quite positive and demonstrate how innovative design can produce viable marketing data, all for less than the cost of a one-day marketing event utilizing hired personnel. The POPdart(tm) can be purchased for approximately $1990.00 (USD) and is available with a variety of options and of course, our customized software and games, as desired.

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