Once you have committed to a digital signage installation, A.R.T. offers 24x7 service packages and documented and/or onsite training to ensure 100% advertising revenue reconciliation.

Web Extranet for Service Requests and Self-Serve Details
Onsite Emergency Management in North America (as needed)
Network Status Monitoring & Playback Reporting

Warranty Management

On medium to large projects, A.R.T. highly recommends our warranty management services to keep your equipment up and running for maximum exposure and billing.

Certified Best Pricing and Delivery Timing

Just In Time (JIT) Purchasing
Get the most out of your warranty
Incident Response
Hot Swap, 16-Hour Replacements, Expedited Repair
Local Market Service Center Repair


A.R.T. provides all necessary training materials to ensure successful implementation, use, and maintenance of all project components for all end-users, 3rd party vendors, and admin employees.

24x7 Support
Warranty Managememt
Best Price & Delivery
- Video Scripting, Production, Duplication, Distribution
- CBT Interactive Certification via Web
- Documentation
- End-User Extranet One Stop Shopping for all Training
- Materials with Secure Entry
- Onsite Personal Training Seminars or Individual Attention
Psych/Physio/Research Psychology/Physiology/Research

Providing expertise and research into the interactions between display vehicles and end-users/end-viewers. Includes employee attitude analysis to secure positive interaction with equipment and end-viewers.
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