There are several easy-to-use and reliable options to playback messaging, depending upon your content type and desired distribution method (onsite physical updates or network access).  A.R.T. utilizes 5 primary playback solutions including the following:
MagicBox VIP

Still imagery is the easiest content to distribute and playback due to small file sizes (usually less than 50k per image) and simple manipulation. A.R.T. utilizes MagicBox's VIP hardware and Composer software for most still image management, distribution and playback applications. The MagicBox VIP hardware device reliably displays your content and comes with easy-to-use software to build and update signage/messaging.


Different than any digital signage system you've seen
For one thing, it's affordable. For another, it's probably the easiest system to use on the market. Use your own Windows PC to create messages, and let the dedicated Aavelin player unit run your show. No need to tie up a PC all the time. Use the Aavelin Composer software to create dynamic digital messages. It takes just minutes, and you can update as often as you'd like.


Windows solution to display high-resolution text on plasma and LCD directories. Includes digital video card and display for readability and clarity. Built to operate 24/7 with minimal maintenance. Network connectivity and security features ensure simple and reliable updatability.

NEC BlueFire VC

BlueFire VC Digital Signage Controller-Small Profile, All-In-One Windows XPe Control Box with Scheduling and Multiple Monitor Support Built-In


DVD offers fantastic full-motion video playback, especially in situations where content is not updated regularly.  Utilizing stock or custom content, simply combine all assets on one disc, organized by style, type, market, or season for manageable playback on plasma or LCD displays. A.R.T. has also created a proprietary security system for content-sensitivity and/or regional distribution. 

Video Servers

When you need network updated, full-motion video with scheduling and reporting capabilities for ad revenue reconciliation, A.R.T. utilizes specific and proven video server products.  These products not only offer full content management and distribution software but can also feed multiple displays in one location from the same server.

Windows Systems

Whether incorporating database input applications for retail kiosks or simple playback using screen saver programming, A.R.T. produces a variety of Windows-based solutions.

NEC BlueFire VC
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