There are several methods available to update and control content on your digital display. For simplicity, we have divided the connectivity options into three categories:

For ease of use and "small form factor" connectivity along with unobtrusive installation, our wireless services are optimized for your establishment and messaging needs. In addition to signage updates, clients can offer Wi-Fi access to their patrons (via online payment access or in gratuity) for customer retention and revenue generation. Contact A.R.T. for more information.


Network updates can be completed thru the installation of phone, DSL, or satellite connections at each of your display locations.  Specific software solutions allow you to manage and schedule content updates by the day, week, or month.  A.R.T. has partnered with proven installation vendors for best pricing and monthly service to keep your network connections up and running.


Physical updates occur onsite, where the display is located.  This can be completed via 3.5" diskette, CD-ROM, DVD, and/or serial connection.  Each has its benefits and weaknesses, depending upon content type, display location, and/or in-house technology.  Contact an A.R.T. sales associate for more information on which solution works best for your current and future needs.

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