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A.R.T. is an all-inclusive production and distribution firm specializing in digital media and displays. Media management and signage requires a variety of components and solutions, taking into account end-user variables and state-of-the-art technologies. A.R.T.'s domain knowledge of these processes ensures project success and noticeable messaging.

We have been proud to serve clients including Philip Morris USA, Microsoft Corp., Equity Office, and Safeco since 1996 and are always customer-focused regarding budget adherence, timeliness, and absolute satisfaction.
Plasma, LCDs, and Projectors
Sales and service of plasma, projector, and LCD displays featuring NEC, ViewSonic, Pioneer, & Clarity product lines for digital signage, mobile & fixed promotions, and/or POP displays. A.R.T. also provides multiple installation and mounting options along with content management and updates.
The most important component of any digital sign is content. Depending upon the your content type (video, still-images, high-resolution text), we have a variety of reliable and easy-to-use playback vehicles. In addition, we have master graphic designers in-house who can create noticeable and effective messages.
DVD and Video
Authoring and coding of DVD/CD-ROM media including continuous loop sequences and market-specific promotions with one-step, plug and play functionality. We also offer DVD security features to prevent disc playback on non-specified players and to eliminate disc piracy. Digital and analog training videos and promotional materials.
A.R.T. specializes in the integration of display technologies with various media vehicles to produce advertising and promotional displays in mobile and fixed retail/corporate settings. Typical projects require the combination and management of content, display format, media, scheduling, implementation, and distribution. A.R.T. has a nationwide, 24x7 support team to aid clients in the use and maintenance of their display systems with telephone, internet, and onsite contact and management points. A.R.T. also manages and updates the content on client displays via network management.
Project Management & Services
Graphic Design & Web Services
To optimize client messaging, A.R.T. provides original and creative graphic design & video services for content creation along with corresponding web, print, and traditional media needs. We have created logos, branding, product catalogs, and websites for retail clients, marketing firms, and world famous public figures.
Digital Signage Solutions and Software
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A.R.T. utilizes a variety of Media Players, Gas Plasma, Projector, and LCD Displays in our projects, depending upon features and use requirements, from the following manufacturers:
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