Wearable Flat Panel Displays
A.R.T. was contracted to develop a fully-enclosed, wearable display solution for use in out-of-home marketing and promotions.  While the idea has been around for several years and a few competitors have produced temporary solutions, A.R.T. has created a fully-functional 14" display system that simply blows all others out of the water. Our full-screen video (the largest on the market for a wearable product) not only shows high-resolution MPEG and Flash movies but also incorporates a high volume stereo speaker system (noticeable from 100 yards away, if needed). Additional features include WiFi updating and touchscreen interaction (as needed).
Taking into account a variety of end-user traits and needs, A.R.T. was able to design and manufacture a solution that is flexible, comfortable, and adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes.

To date, our video vest products have been seen at the B.E.T. Awards, the Miami Hip-Hop Awards, on the artist Cierra (introducing her new album), along with various festivals, night clubs, premieres, and the like.
As always, A.R.T. excels in custom applications utilizing cutting edge technologies and innovations.  We are available for unique projects and are always customer focused regarding budget adherence and deadlines.  Please contact an A.R.T. sales associate for more information or a consultation.
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