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A.R.T. installed two of our DART Graphic 150 displays in Seattle's premier art supply store, Seattle Art Supply. Utilizing Viewsonic LCDs along with MagicBox's VIP playback vehicles, our signs have been continuously running for over 3 years. A.R.T. used two different display packages including a custom-framed version and a stylistic version for brochure/card dispersion near the checkout counter. A.R.T. is responsible for all of the content management and updates for the displays. S.A.S. simply emails their advertisements to A.R.T. and we subsequently update the displays, usually within 2 hours.
POP Applications

Simple solutions for displaying timely advertisements and messages to targeted audiences.  For competitive market differentiation and easily-changeable in-store advertisements, A.R.T. has created an effective all-in-one solution utilizing LCD flat panel displays along with MagicBox's VIP hardware.
DART Graphic(TM)
"We've had an A.R.T. monitor behind our cash registers at Seattle Art supply for some time, and have enjoyed it quite a bit. A.R.T. handled the installation, and even moved it for us when we changed our cash register configuration. We were able to find a location where the computer box is not in the way, and the monitor takes up little space, as it is so flat."

"We are using it more and more to promote the products and services we provide, and adding images is easy (at least from our end!). We simply produce JPEG files of the images we want, and email them off to A.R.T. Our customers are often intrigued by the monitor, and I know of instances where the monitor led directly to sales."

-Matthew Landkammer, Marketing Manager
Seattle Art Supply

A.R.T. was asked to design and install two digital signage displays for Subway (1st & Yesler, Downtown Seattle, WA). The client’s primary goal was to increase traffic and sales via the use of daily specials. The first in-store location is behind the food production counter and requires the ability to remove and clean the display (as needed). The POPdart was an ideal choice as the unit is self-enclosed and can simply be unplugged for removal. We utilized the DART Graphic for the window location with an 18” LCD screen, mounted vertically on a custom-built display stand.
POPdart (tm)
As with most of our digital signage projects, we prepared the initial content and trained end-users on how to update and change messaging on the displays. A full statistical analysis will be available in the coming months regarding sales figures however we have already noticed a $100/day increase when specials were listed on the displays.
DART Graphic(TM)
1st & Yesler, Downtown Seattle, WA
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