A.R.T. has provided conceptual and logistical support to produce a variety of projects incorporating digital signage. Although these proposals are in stasis, we thought it would be interesting to show web visitors what we can do.
ATM Advertising ATM Advertising

CONCEPT:  Add digital displays to ATM outlets.

SOLUTION:  We can install specific plasma displays and network-accessed playback vehicles to any ATM location for approximately $7200.00 per site. This includes all necessary hardware, software, vandal-proofing, and installation.

Interactive Kiosk
Interactive Magazine Dispersion Kiosk

CONCEPT:  To create a mobile touchscreen kiosk for mall settings to obtain customer data and disperse free magazines.

SOLUTION:  Although the touchscreen and signage components were easy to implement, the larger task involved building a vending machine for magazine dispersion that took data input as the form of currency.  Not only did we design a reliable solution but created a new vending concept.  Approximate per unit pricing came out at $22,500.00.

Public Venue Advertising Network Public Venue Advertising Network

CONCEPT:  Implement, install, and manage a advertising network using multiple plasma displays in nationwide locations.

SOLUTION:  After solidifying the content to be distributed (MPEG2 video), A.R.T. created full project specifications including nationwide implementation with our partner vendors.  Approximate pricing (4 plasmas, video server, vandal-proofing, and installation) was under $25,000 per location.  This includes satellite and/or DSL networking installation.

Real Estate Network

CONCEPT:  Create ad network for local real estate agency.

SOLUTION:  Again, this is easy stuff.  Their content consisted of still images and simple animations.  Total cost per location was $2300.00 using LCD displays and MagicBox's VIP playback vehicle.

Real Estate Network
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