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Instant Updates -- Custom Enclosures -- 24/7 Customer Support
A.R.T. is pleased to offer our DirectTENANT Digital Directory and Messaging Solutions. These products provide ideal directory displays for office buildings, airports, and hotel conference centers or anywhere that information needs to be updated quickly and in-house. No more depending on outside vendors for costly directory strip updates.
Imagine updating your tenant names instantly!

Imagine posting your conference schedule along
with participant logos and photos easily!

Imagine live information postings!

Imagine web based access!

And you can update this information from
your desk or from anywhere in the world!

We feature:
Custom cabinetry enclosures built to
specifications or stand alone equipment.

Portable displays.

24/7 support for software and hardware.

DirectTENANT(TM) or DirectHOTEL(TM) software
Cut-Away View

Standard components using Dell®, ViewSonic® and NEC®.
No more custom or proprietary hardware.

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