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DartVU (TM) projector-based display solutions offer vibrant and noticeable messaging and video via high-contrast, window-mountable display screens (combined with the playback vehicle of your choice and applicable projector--also available from A.R.T.). Lightweight and durable, these products are ideal for retail settings, trade shows, window displays, museum installations, and any other application where the attention of your audience is paramount. Free-standing, window, or ceiling-mount options are available in screen sizes from 40" to 120" (inquire for custom sizes).

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GlassVu GlassVu is the most advanced rear projection display available. With a contrast ratio of 500:1, the GlassVu offers unprecedented imagery in full daylight.

TransVu TransVu is the newest in the DART line of high quality projection displays. With no distracting lines or pixels and available up to 100", it is the premier transparent display on the market (available in transparencies of 25%, 50%, or 75%).


DartVu Pricing

Brochures & Installation Instructions:
DARTvu TransVu Brochure & Sizes

TransVu Installation Instructions

GlassVu--Optimal Projector Position

GlassVu--"Sandwich" Installation Between
Traditional Window and Plexiglas Backing

All Projector-Based Display Solutions Require 3 Primary Components Including:
MagicBox VIP
dartVU screen
InFocus Rear Projector
Widescreen or Traditional
From 40" to 110"

Mounting Options:
viewing angles
window application
suspension system
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