101 West Broadway
Sentre Partners in San Diego hired A.R.T. to complete a digital directory project in their 101 West Broadway lobby. Their primary goal was to modernize the lobby and make instant changes to the directory. We were able to take out the old strip directory and replace it with a digital directory without damaging or cutting into their wood paneling.

The project called for two directories and a video pass-through display for news along with scrolling text and graphic messaging from the property managers. We utilized NEC 30" LCDs matched with our DIRECTSuite™ software and a MagicBox Aavelin for the video management. The coup de grace was the custom enclosure we designed featuring stainless steel with bronze accents. Not only does the enclosure strike a brilliant chord with the corresponding lobby but allows for structural rigidity, all built within a pre-existing 5 1/2" wall frame. We also completed all of the installation, networking, and training onsite.


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Custom Frame
Installation of LCDs
Enclosure Installation
DIRECTSuite Digital Directory from ARTdart
DIRECTSuite Digital Directory
101 Broadway (San Diego, CA)
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