The Affordable, Stand-Alone Display Solution!
Wherever you need to display text messages and graphics on one or more monitors (traditional and widescreen), the VIP can do it!
A.R.T. is proud to offer MagicBox's VIP messaging vehicle. As a dedicated message display device, the VIP is excellent for lobby information displays, community-access cable TV channels, hotel in-room information channels, corporate communications, digital signage / retail advertising, and more. The VIP is simple to use and automatic. Ease of use allows the VIP to fulfill many applications without costly installation or training procedures.

The V.I.P. Unit

The VIP is a compact, low-cost unit featuring Composite, S-Video, and VGA outputs. It is small enough to go anywhere, and attractively packaged for a professional-looking installation. VIP models are available in a variety of capacities and with serial/modem or Ethernet connectivity. The VIP also has the option to display imagery in a native, non-stretched 16:9 widescreen setting (please ask for details).

The VIP unit provides everything necessary for video message playback -- All for less than the cost of a dedicated PC, software, and scan converter. Please contact an A.R.T. sales representative for more information and pricing.
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