For mobile promotions and/or general hardware protection, A.R.T. in conjunction with Titan Case offer these durable and proven tour cases. Lightweight, nearly bulletproof--these things protect plasma!  Our cases are custom fitted to your unique hardware and can include configurations for:
Conventioneer (TM)
Wearable Flat Panel Displays

Gas Plasma Displays


DVD/VCR Players

Ancillary Equipment

Riser (TM)
Conventioneer (TM)
Riser (TM)
Our cases not only protect your equipment but can act as the actual display. Pre-wired versions allow for simple "plug 'n play" utility.  Please review our PlasmaLite Conventioneer and Riser cases for more information (PATENT PENDING).
NOTE:  When considering a case manufacturer, always remember to ascertain material types used, construction methodology, and warranty representation. All of our cases are warranted against failure and will be fixed or replaced for the life of the case.  To order cases, please contact an A.R.T. sales associate.  Please be prepared to provide equipment specifications including make/model for each component.
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