A.R.T. has been an innovator in the digital signage industry since before DVD even existed.  We have implemented, managed and distributed a variety of digital signage software and hardware solutions to Fortune 100 companies down to one-off systems for simple messaging.

Through the years we have learned the following:

  1. Keep it simple—our clients can update their own displays
  2. Make it attractive—without some style, black screens on a wall have marginal value.
  3. Management alone cannot simply install a digital signage strategy—employees must be on-board.
  4. Our digital directories have saved property management and leasing agencies $1,000’s of dollars each year (compared to static directories).
  5. We do not charge annual/monthly service fees with our solutions.
  6. Displays malfunction, it happens. We use only commercial-grade solutions with 3+ year warranties to ensure you’re covered.
  7. Digital signage requires project management—simply buying a software solution without installation, day-1 graphic design inclusions and training often results in messaging failure.
  8. 16/7, customer support is always included.

Contact us today to learn how we can help.  All-in-one digital directory solutions (enclosure/display/software) start at $4,800 and up.

Please contact an A.R.T. representative for a professional consultation and proposal via our toll-free 1-877-ARTDART or online access here.